Christian Faith Center

Q&A Service

April 9, 2020

Questions Answered:

  • What is your favorite Bible verse that you live by? 
  • What book has had the greatest impact on your understanding of leadership?
  • I trust God, but I still have this creeping anxiety concerning my family, my job, our town during this time. What are some practical ways we can keep our flesh calm in the storm?
  • Describe your calling to the ministry and why you think you are called?
  • What is your all time favorite worship song?
  • My question is on helping your fellow brethren in this time keep the faith that the Lord will still keep providing? I have people I visit via social media and phone. And regardless of what I say about having faith in the Lord, it's as if what I say is bouncing off them sometimes. I use Daniel as a reference as well. He was in the middle of the Lions and his faith did not waiver. But for some, it's not enough. I trust my God will deliver us from this. As he has from many things.
  • How do I know God is speaking to me? 
  • How often should the Lord’s Supper / Communion be observed? 
  • How do I /can I know God’s will? What is God’s will for our lives? 

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